UK: Sawn timber sales are expected to increase by 4%

Managing director of TimberTrends Nick Moore is considering the volume of softwood lumber sold in the UK in 2021 to be 4 % higher than in 2020. Moore delivered his forecast at the Softwood Conference, which took place online by the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) on March, 31.

On the basis of the previously predicted figure of 9.38m m³ for 2020, this would mean a volume of sales at a rate of 9.77 m m³. In accordance with the TTF, the imports in 2020 were 3 % higher than a year before at 6.58m m³. At the level of 3m m³, the production volume by British sawmills was 12 % of the preceding year’s figure. Taking exports of nearly 200,000 m³ into account, 9.38m m³ was sold within the internal market, a reduction of 2 %.

In their presentations, the participants were slightly consistent in their forecast that the problems that have risen in supply since mid-2020 are going to continue in the second half-year and potentially even continue to grow. As a result, the purchasing competition for imported softwood lumber is going to persist for now owing to the active demand in the USA and China. An increasing supply is not expected in the nearest future because no considerable enlargement in cutting capacity is seen in the producer countries.

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