Spanish imports rose again

Spanish softwood lumber imports (approx. 295,374 m³) exceeded the preceding year’s figure by 19% in the 1st quarter of 2022. Import statistics revealed by the association of Spanish timber importers and the timber industry (AEIM), Madrid, says that registered at 264,420 m³, imports from other EU states also grew by 19%.

As a proportion of total exports, this corresponds to 90%. Growths at more than average levels were spotted concerning supplies from countries such as Germany (+84% to 55,339 m³); this increase meant Germany moved to 2nd place in the statistics prior to Portugal (+5% to 42,939 m³) and Sweden (-21% to 32,398 m³). France remains the key supplier country in spite of a 6% decrease to 66,017 m³.

Deliveries from non-European countries grew by 24% to 30,954 m³; as a proportion of total exports, this corresponds to a stable 10%. Purchases from Russia (4,345 m³) and Belarus (3,198 m³) each grew several times over. Obviously, Spanish importers ordered significantly higher volumes of softwood lumber than previous year from both countries before the end of the transitional periods, which expired on 10 July and 4 June respectively. Therefore, imports from these 2 countries may also exceed the prior-year rates in the 2nd quarter.

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