Price for Polish oak climbs to new record level

In sales via the Internet platform e-drewno administrated by the Polish state forest administration Lasy Panstwowe, the price for oak sawlogs increased in December to an average of PLN1,713/m³ (nearly €365/m³) and therefore reached a new peak.

Beginning from the lowest reached in February 2022, the price grew up in several waves. Beech sawlogs decreased slightly again since the peak registered in October 2022 (PLN692/m³). Birch sawlogs in December were also below the peak reached in September 2022 (PLN632/m³).

The fluctuations in the price of pine and spruce sawlogs were shaped by substantial changes last year. From the basis of the peak in January 2022 (PLN563/m³), the pine price went down to PLN380/m³ by August. This was followed by a rise until October 2022 (PLN517/m³) and then by another drop-down. The price for spruce reached its highest level in October 2022 (PLN584/m³). By December, the price had been reduced by PLN 104 to PLN480/m³.

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