Latvia declines lumber exports to Great Britain

In the fourth quarter softwood lumber exports from Latvia to Great Britain dropped by 26% comparing to the same quarter of 2018 to 201,200m³.

As a proportion of total exports, deliveries to Great Britain thus decreased by eight percent to 31%. Whilst in the first (+14%) and second (+1%) quarters the volume of exported softwood lumber had been higher than in the next year, in the third quarter exports decreased by 8%. In the fourth quarter the decrease in exports to Great Britain was only partially compensated by rises in exports to Estonia (+1% to 51,800m³), South Korea (+7% to 42,100m³), Germany (+60% to 40,600m³), the Netherlands (+18% to 34,900m³) as well as all other countries, which were not listed separately (+5% to 284,700m³).

Over the entire period of 2019 Latvia exported a volume of 2.890m m³ at a value of €586.4m. According to the export trade statistics published on a monthly basis by the forest department of the Latvian ministry of agriculture, this represents a decline of 1% in volume and 8% in value.


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