Growth of 42 % in planed-product exports overseas

Exports of German planed products to non-European countries in the first quarter of 2020 were 42 % higher than in the same quarter of preceding year at 557,244 m³, which increased their share of the total exports by eleven per cents to 76 %. Recent data from the German federal statistics office (Destatis) demonstrate that sales to the US customers were 48 % up at 369,296 m³.

Deliveries to Australia grew to the same extent to 17,437 m³. A third more planed products than previous year were sent to Chinese (52,811 m³) and Japanese (20,892 m³) customers.

In the reported period exports within Europe dropped by 18 % to 173,662 m³ and their share of the total by eleven per cent to 24 %. Deliveries were lower to such countries as Austria (-10 %), Belgium (-25 %), France (-31 %), and Italy (-3 %). The reduced exports were unable to be compensated for by higher exports to the UK (+2 %) and the Netherlands (+11 %).

Planed-product exports increased by 21 % to a total of 730,906 m³ compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. After a decent increase in January (+59 % to 241,933 m³), Destatis only established a slight rise for February (+5 % to 248,306 m³). The exports increased again at a minor rate in March (+12 % to 240,667 m³).

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