Finland boosts exports to the EU by 19%

The 54% rise in Finnish exports of rough-sawn and planed softwood lumber to other EU states registered during the first six months of the year endured in the 3rd quarter, but to a lesser extent.

According to the customs authority of Finland, exports increased by 19% to 720,734 m³, or by eight percent to a 39% share of total exports. Sales to the UK rose by 4% to 271,338 m³, making this country the most important export market for lumber producers in Finland.

Deliveries to countries outside Europe fell by 23% to 832,281 m³, or ten percent to a proportion of 45%. Exports to East Asia decreased by 19% to 329,338 m³. Even more decent recession was registered in sales to the Near and Middle East (-34% to 175,455 m³) and to North Africa (-21 % to 296,297 m³). In the 3rd quarter, a total volume of 1.684m m³ lumber was exported, showing a 5% decrease. This was more than compensated by the growth spotted in the 1st half of the year. Accumulated over the first nine months, exports increased by 11% to 6.483m m³.

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