Dutch furniture imports slightly increases

After growth of 25% in the 1st quarter, Dutch furniture imports grew again by almost one-fifth to €2.036bn in the 2nd quarter. Eurostat’s data inform that imports from the German market – which occupies the second place in the statistics – grew by 10% compared to the same period last year to €363.2m.

Imports from China, the key supplier country, rose by as much as 39% to €670.5m. Imports from Vietnam rose at a similar rate (+40% to €65.5m). On the contrary, only marginal growths were registered concerning imports from Poland (+1% to €198.7m) and Italy (+1% to €55.8m).

Dutch furniture exports grew by 12% to €1.169bn in the 2nd quarter and thus at a similar rate as in the first three months (+11%). Greater increases were registered in exports to Spain (+69% to €41.2m), Italy (+48% to €31.6m), the USA (+75% to €24.4m) and Poland (+24% to €24.0m).

Information provided according to  https://www.euwid-wood-products.com/