Abrupt decline in softwood-sawlog exports in Germany

2.125m m³ of softwood sawlogs were sold from Germany in the 3rd quarter, which is 39% less than in the same quarter of previous year.

At 806,527 m³ and 1.318m m³, sales to buyers both inside and outside the EU declined in almost the same proportion by 33% and 39%, respectively. Data from the federal statistics office (Destatis) demonstrate that the most considerable reduction in exports outside Europe happened to China. Despite the fact that China is still the biggest recipient of German softwood sawlogs at 1.243m m³, these sales were 45% lower than in 2020. Double-figure percentage declines were registered for exports to all the main buyers inside the EU. At 402,524 m³, 25% less sawlogs were shipped to Austria and considerable declines were recorded in the exports to Belgium (-59% to 88,137 m³), to Lithuania (-28% to 78,138 m³), and to the Netherlands (-60% to 33,369 m³).

While the export volumes dropped down, the export prices increased greatly. At a total export cost of €214.7m, the average price per unit was 56% more than the preceding year’s price at €101.0/m³.

According to Destatis data, for the 1st  quarter (+24%) and the 2nd (0%), the nine-month period shows a 14% decline in softwood-sawlog exports to 6.296m m³.

Information provided according to www.euwid-wood-products.com