Tips for Choosing drying cameras for lumber

The main difficulty in the process of drying for sawmills and woodworking enterprises is different levels of lumber humidity. With the standard humidity differences +/- 2% the final level of materials’ humidity should be 16-18%. In case of insufficient air ventilation the average humidity differences of the dried products exceed +/- 2%, which entails additional time and costs for extra drying of lumber.s

It is necessary to distinguish the difference between the tunnel dryers and drying cameras with periodic motion. The quality and the drying performance of tunnel dryers are much higher, and the energy consumption is lower. To dry the annual possible volume of lumber of one tunnel camera, you must use 7-8 drying cameras with periodic motion (50-70 thousand m3). Therefore, the main factor in choosing the drying equipment is the volumes of wood processing and drying for each individual enterprise. If you have significant volumes of drying lumber (100 thousand m3 per year), the best option would be to combine dryers.