Customer-oriented policy

LLC "TEHKOM AV" has an individual approach to each customer’s request, enabling the precise production of the requested products that meet the customer's order in the best way.

Systems approach

Any major production is a system based on a balance of various factors. Only a systems approach will bring the effect of long-term development and success.

Fundamental nature

We combine our practical experience with fundamental knowledge in the field of production.

The latest production technologies

The key to success is closely connected with development. For the production of the highest quality products we use modern European equipment of famous manufacturers of Germany, Italy, Czech Republic etc.

Eco-friendly production

LLC "TEHKOM AV" cares about the environment, having a rational and responsible approach in using natural resources. Our production is environmentally friendly due to the use of energy-saving technologies, high-quality filters, as well as the absence of production waste.

The strategic goal of the company

We are seeking to become one of the leading international companies, specializing in the production of lumber and timber products that deserves trust and loyalty from the customers around the world.