The first period of public discussions on the draft national FSC standard of forest stewardship in Ukraine has started

The public discussion process is organized by the National FSC office in Ukraine in order to obtain constructive comments and suggestions concerning the draft standard to improve it in accordance with environmental, economic and social interests in the aspect of forests and to ensure the practical implementation of all of its requirements.

The draft standard is based on international standards FSC-STD-60-004 V1-0 «International generic indicators» and FSC-STD-01-001 V5-2 «FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship». The draft standard has been prepared by the working group on the development of national forest certification standards for Ukraine, which is a voluntary meeting of representatives of non-governmental organizations, forest companies, which represent a wide range of social, economic and environmental interests with the aim to ensure forest stewardship based on the sustainable development within the limits of an open process of discussions.