Swedish exports to China decreased by half in September 2018

Exports of Swedish softwood timber and planed products in September 2018 decreased by almost 8% (to a total of 1.019 m m³) compared to the same period of 2017. Supplies to most regions, except North America and Oceania, didn’t match the respective figures of the previous year.

Deliveries to Europe fell by 10% to a total of 644,400 m³. In accordance with the statistics of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (Skogsindustrierna) of Stockholm, decline of 7 % and 32 % occurred in supplies to Africa (160,700 m³), to the Middle East (37,300 m³), and to Asia (115,500 m³); exports to China dropped down by 50 % compared to the year earlier.

During the nine-month period there occurred a reduction of 3% (to 9.384m m³) from the perspective of Swedish exporters. While the export reductions in the African markets in 2017 were able to be compensated for with a growth by 5% to 1.491m m³ due to a sound rise in Algeria (+150 % to 400,100 m³), exports to Asia was at the level of 1.260m m³, which is 18% lower than in 2017. The volume of 526,800 m³ was exported to China including Hong Kong, and 527,100 m³ to Japan, demonstrating reductions of 20 % and 14%, respectively, compared to 2017.

Information provided according to www.euwid-wood-products.com