Spruce roundwood prices still under pressure in Norway

The average price of the whole range of sawlogs assortments fell a little again in May 2019.

Following the decline in April 2019, this reduction to 438 NOK/m³ is the second in a row. However, the figure is still 10,3% higher than in the same month of 2018. The data from Statens Landbruksforvaltning (SLF) of Oslo demonstrate uneven development, though. After achieving an interim high in March 2018, when an average price of 457 NOK/m³ was reached across all product ranges, the decline now amounts to 19 NOK/m³, which is around 4,2%.

While the average price for spruce logs decreased by 1 % to 524 NOK/m³, the price for pine roundwood rose again to 490 NOK/m³. Comparing to the same month of 2018, prices for both spruce and pine are thus 6.5% higher.

In the industrial-wood assortments, prices for pine and spruce increased a little bit above the previous month’s level to 340 NOK/m³ and 358 NOK/m³, respectively. At the same time the price for industrial hardwood decreased by 4 NOK/m³ against April to 318 NOK/m³. However, according to the SLF figures, prices still rose considerably enough comparing to those of last year by between 27% – 30%.

Information provided according to www.euwid-wood-products.com