Softwood log exports from Germany increased to 2.2m m³ in the 1st quarter

Germany sold totally 2.210m m³ of softwood logs in the first quarter of 2021, which is around 12% more than a year earlier.

According to Destatis, around 1.848m m³ of this were softwood sawlogs and 362,136 m³ were industrial softwood.

As previously, China was the largest importer of volume. Here, the shipments reached 936,659 m³ of sawlogs (+24%) and 27,508 m³ of industrial wood (-47%). Therefore, the growth rates of the preceding quarters were not repeated at the beginning of the current year, however the German export data and the Chinese import figures differ greatly from one another.

Within Europe, as before, Austria stayed the biggest buyer. Here, the volume of purchased sawlogs was 13% up at 456,281 m³ and exports of industrial roundwood rose by 29% to 95,271 m³. The second biggest buyer was Poland, Germany sold 124,780 m³ of sawlogs and 230,888 m³ of industrial roundwood. The cost of the sawlog exports amounted to €130.4m, which is around €71/m³. The value of the industrial-roundwood sales totaled €14.2m, which is equal to an average price of about €39/m³.

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