Slovenia: increased value of purchased roundwood in January

Purchased roundwood from Slovenia’s private owners in January 2017 was worth Euro 5.2 million, which is lower by more than 18% compared to the previous month (mainly because of the lower volumes of purchased wood), in accordance with the information of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

The price of purchased veneer logs and sawlogs decreased by almost 13% and of pulpwood by almost 46%. The price of purchased other industrial roundwood dropped down by almost 29% and of wood fuel by about 11%.

The price of roundwood purchased from private owners in January 2017 increased by almost 33% in comparison to January 2016, mainly due to the bigger volumes of purchased wood.

The price of purchased sawlogs and veneer logs was higher by almost 39%, of pulpwood by about 14% and of wood fuel by 11%. Only the price of other industrial roundwood decreased (by 14%).

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