Sawnwood prices in USA lower again for seasonal reasons

After the sidelong movement that happened in prices for spruce-fir-pine (SPF) assortments at the end of September, a considerable downward adjustment took place in prices on the US sawn-softwood market until the end of October.

In accordance with the results of the latest surveys by Madison’s Lumber, prices for the key grade of SPF KD R/L 2×4 #2&Btr. went down by an average of US$260 or 37 % comparing to a week earlier to what was previous around US$700/1,000 bdft ex mill. The drop in prices for 2×6 and 2×8 assortments turned out to be even more obvious at -46 % and -40 %, respectively to US$650 and US$680/1,000 bdft. Seasonally low demand is regarded as the main reason for the price reductions.

The latest lumber-futures are still quite below the current contracts. November shipments are currently fetching US$505/1,000 bdft, those for January US$480, and March still around US$470. Nevertheless, the prices are still obviously above the level that applied at the beginning of the price rally in June.

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