Sawn softwood exports from Canada to USA is up by 17 % in Q3

After an insignificant increase in the first quarter (+0.5%) and a major reduction in the second (-18.7 %), Canadian shipments of lumber to the USA in the third quarter were 17 % higher than in 2019.

Figures from the Softwood Lumber Controls Division (TNC) in the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canadian manufacturers delivered around 3.524bn bdft to the USA in the third quarter of 2020. More detailed, imports from British Columbia increased significantly and rose almost by 28 % to 1.413bn bdft compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. Shipments from the Quebec region increased only slightly by 3 % to 556.8m bdft. Canadian exports to the USA during the first nine months thus amounted to 9.651bn bdft, 4.3 % less than in 2019.

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