Russia introduces export ban on roundwood

Having adopted decree no. 396 on 18 March, Russia has confirmed an export ban on softwood logs and hardwood sawlogs to come into effect from 1 January, 2022.

This regulation comes into effect on 19 April, therefore the previously applicable laws – which regulated quotas for exports of pine, spruce, ayana spruce, silver fir and larch roundwood – will be cancelled. Exports of softwood logs as well as hardwood sawlogs in 2022 will require payment of a uniform tariff rate which is economically unprofitable. The industrial birch roundwood export should remain possible in the nearest future.
Additionally to the export prohibition, in March the government presented a draft for amendments to the currently applicable forestry law which, in accordance with deputy prime minister Victoria Abramchenko, will be discussed in the Duma during next months. The new version of the forestry law shall curb illegal roundwood logging mainly. For example, it will facilitate confiscation of forestry machinery used in illegal harvesting operations. It will also give rights to the state property agency to sell illegally harvested roundwood shortly after confiscation. Now it takes up to one year between confiscation and sale. Moreover, the battle against forest fires will be facilited through the introduction of remote monitoring.

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