Italian machinery industry reaches new record levels

The Italian industry of woodworking machinery moved one step closer to 2007’s production revenue record of €2.159bn in 2016. In accordance with the preliminary figures published by Acimall in the end of January, the Italian market had been much more available for companies than exports, which slowed down a little in comparison with recent years. Export revenues had decreased by 12.7% in 2015, but rose by just 5.1% to €1.486bn in 2016.
The demand in different export markets also differs. While the amount of orders from the US surged by about 40%, the situation has deteriorated greatly in Brazil and Russia due to the challenging economic environment. Italian companies had faced stronger competition from Chinese producers in South-East Asia.

Growth within Italy more than tripled. Domestic revenues increased by 31.6% at €592m, following an 8.7% improvement in 2015, according to Acimall. This positive trend was fuelled by various factors including government support programs that have been in force for some time. Italian woodworking machinery manufacturers had their overall revenues increase of 11.5% to €2.078bn, rising at almost the same pace as in 2015.

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