Growth in prices for coniferous round wood in Estonia

In January 2019 prices for coniferous sawlogs in Estonia were higher than a month before. The Estonian forest administration RMK of Tallinn in its monthly price statistics registered the greatest increase in pine with a top-end diameter of less than 18 cm at the level of 10.1%.

A growth of 6.5 % was spotted in spruce. Prices for spruce and pine round wood (top-end diameter bigger than 18 cm) were each up by 2.2 %. Birch suitable for veneer decreased by 11.0 % in price, failing to meet the November level, as well.

The increase registered in the price of industrial birch (+5.8 %) and industrial spruce (+9.0 %) in the preceding months continued without changes in January. However, the price of industrial pine fell by 3.2 %.

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