France: 35.8% furniture trade turnover rise in June

Turnover in the French furniture trade increased by 35.8% in June, 2020. French market research institute Ipea says, that growth was spread across all product groups, with the highest points being achieved in garden furniture.

Most of the individual distribution channels also moved forward along positive lines. Following the lifting of restrictions on brick-and-mortar retail trade in France starting from 11 May, levels of decline recorded in March (-51.6%) and April (-84.9%) already improved greatly to just -0.7% in May. January had closed with turnover growth of 3%. In February the rate of the previous year was a bit exceeded by 0.3%. For the first half year a turnover decline of 17.7% was traced. As of the end of May, the figure was 27.0% below the level of the preceding year. In terms of value, turnover in the first six months dropped by €1.2bn.

Turnover grew again in July, however at 14.8% the rise was not quite as high as in the previous month. Ipea attributes this lower rate to factors such as the beginning of summer holidays. While increase in June was spread more or less evenly across all product groups and distribution channels, the situation for July is less stable.

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