Europe’s sawnwood exports to the US raised by 20%

Apart from the fact that US sawn-softwood imports in the 1st quarter decreased by 6% on the whole, those from Europe grew up  by 20%.

The data published by the US Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) on 4 May demonstrate that the imports in the first three months reached the figure of 8.603 m³. Canada’s exports as the main supplier fell more heavily than average by 9% to 7.194m m³ whereas those from Europe (EU 28) increased by 20% to 1.051m m³. As such, the reduction of around 25% that had occurred in US sawn-softwood imports from Europe in the 4th quarter of 2021 didn’t take place in the early stages of 2022. 

The FAS reported, that imports of Swedish sawn softwood in the 1st  quarter rose disproportionately by 58% to 235,941 m³. Imports from were 15% higher than a year earlier at 528,275 m³. As such, 72.6% of the total US sawn-softwood imports from Europe were accounted for by Germany and Sweden. A considerable growth was recorded for the imports from Latvia (+69% to 25,571 m³) and those from the Czech Republic (+115% to 31,376 m³). Imports from Romania (-8% to 85,248 m³), Finland (-34% to 20,121 m³) and Lithuania (-75% to 1,713 m³), on the other hand, turned out to be lower than in 2021. The USA also imported 23,105 m³ (21,423 m³) of  Russian sawn softwood in the 1st quarter. 

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