Estonia to China – first large vessel of timber departs

The vessel that is owned by Westwood Group OU, carrying timber departed for the port Lanshan, China, from the general cargo terminal of Estonia’s Transiidikeskus AS at the beginning of November.

According to Transiidikeskus data, this vessel is the largest timber-carrying ship, that is called ‘Kraszewski’, hasn’t entered the Muuga Harbor yet. This is the first this size timber batch – 30 000 tons.

According to the indicators planned for this year, this project would afford a significant increase in the terminal’s goods revenue.

Next vessel, carrying 30’000 tons of timber, has to go to China in the end of this year. Such shipments from Estonia to China are expected once per month.

The maximum carrying capacity of the 200-meter Kraszewski is 30,300 tons.

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