Chinese and Japanese lumber markets 2016

During the summer and autumn 2016, there was a strong demand for imported softwood lumber in China, with the volumes of import for the 2Q/16 and the 3Q/16 reaching the highest level on record.

Although the volumes decreased in the 3Q/16 compared to the previous quarter, they were still 24% higher than in the 3Q/15. Russia continued to be the main supplier with a 59% market share in the 3Q/16. During 2016 import prices have remained at historically low levels.

Demand in Japan for imported lumber has increased in 2016 with import volumes during the first 9 months being about 7% higher than during the same period of 2015. The figures in the 3Q/16 were 7.5% higher than in the 3Q/15. Canada was the largest supplier, followed by Finland, Russia and Sweden. Softwood lumber prices, both overseas and domestic, have remained almost unchanged in 2016 in Yen terms.

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