China leaves ban on round logs’ import from Australia

The import ban on roundwood logs from Australia introduced by Chinese phytosanitary bodies in autumn 2020 was prolonged. Australia’s claims that the prohibition be cancelled are still not being satisfied by China.

Wood chip shipments, on the contrary, remain feasible. In consequence of the import prohibition, Australia has stored high stocks of roundwood logs that has already been cut for export to China.

China had at first prohibited logs’ shipments in October 2020 from the Australian states and territories of Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. In December 2020, the prohibition of import was extended, including New South Wales and Western Australia. China has named phytosanitary measures as justification for the resolution. The steps made by Australia meanwhile to prove that the logs shipments were pest-free have not been approved of by Chinese customs and phytosanitary bodies. In addition to logs, different other agricultural products were also influenced by the import limitations introduced on Australia by China.

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