Beech roundwood exports to China dropped significantly

During the second half of 2018, German beech logs exports to China decreased significantly. While in the first two quarters export volume was at 155,325 m³ and 154,917 m³, beech logs exports to China surpassed the comparative figure of the previous year by 18% and 24% respectively, exports in the third and fourth quarter demonstrated along negative lines.

From July to September, at 126,387m³, the volume of beech logs shipped to China declined by 17%, and in the fourth quarter, at 41,881m³, by around 44%.

The decline in the third quarter took place due to the weather-related delays in the supply of logs, and the full extent of closures of businesses in China. However, the main reason for the decline in the fourth quarter was the slower growth of the Chinese economy. During the fourth quarter, exporters also permanently drew attention to the uncertainty and reticence in the purchasing behavior of Chinese customers, which was due to the tariff dispute between the USA and China, and also had effect on processing of beech.

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