Beech exports to China fell down by 11% in 2018

The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) states that in the third quarter of 2018 beech lumber exports from Germany to China decreased by 11% in comparison to the previous year to a figure of 38,227m³. Generally, exports from Germany to China were represented by long-term contracts directly with China processors.

A couple of exporters in summer reported that Chinese retailers had greatly decreased their purchasing. High stock levels at retailers and several other reasons changed significantly the business environment for importers. Processors that directly bought lumber didn’t have any problems. But retailers lost a number of their customers due to the closure of plants over the last twelve months. This happened in the second half of 2017 after Chinese authorities greatly intensified monitoring of production and environmental issues.

Taking into account the current decrease in beech lumber exports to China, one should mind the basis of comparison. The volume of 43,172m³ recorded in the comparative quarter of the previous year represents a higher than average export volume, because several years before the exported volume was much lower, for example, in 2016 – 33,197m³, in 2015 – 34,996m³, in 2014 – 34,124m³, and in 2013 – 32.141m³, according to the current Destatis export figures.

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